Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Demetre Fraser : Activist march for justice

If you know where your son is right now you're very lucky. Consider the plight of Josie Fraser. Watch a mothers emotional appeal for your support here. As a people we must regain our tradition of marching and protest. Please read this and take action in support.
Demetre Fraser aka T.Dot was 21 years of age from London Peckham. He died after being visited by the West Midlands Police Force on the 31st May 2011. He was staying with a friend from Birmingham at the time.
The official version of events is that he committed suicide by jumping off an 11th floor balcony of a highrise tower block in Druids Heath Birmingham.
That version of events is heavily disputed and undermined by the fact that neighbours heard a violent struggle and evidence of such on the 11th and 8th floors. The case in now being investigated by the IPCC.
Demetre’s death follows on from the cases of Kingsley Burrell in Birmingham and Smiley Culture in London.
We are demanding a public inquiry into all suspicious deaths in custody and the immediate suspension of all the police officers involved pending investigation.
Please bring your banners , placards, whistles, vuvezaelas and drums. If you can bring a sound system then bring it. We intend to demonstrate that we will not simply sit idly and be a silent witness to injustice.
We have virtually no resources to organise this demonstration so we are depending on the only real resource we have and that is you. Through social networking we can make this march a huge success but we need you're support to do that. If you can help in any way and want to offer your personal support contact me lee-jasper@live.com . We thank you in advance
Please support the Fraser family’s call for justice and join us on this march. You can help by:
  1. Posting this email to your networks and other websites.
  2. Joining the Facebook campaign page.
  3. Printing of leaflets and distributing them in you're area.
  4. Phoning up community radio stations asking them to support the march.
  5. Moblising people to attend the march.
Saturday, August 13 · 12:00pm. Starting at Gibbon Road SE1.

Birmingham Coaches:  PRICE £12.50 & TIME 7.30am departure. Deposits are required to book your seat on this coach. For further details please contact Paulette: email paulette60@btinternet.com.

 If you’re on Facebook then you can confirm your attendance here. One Love One Aim – Justice.

Lee Jasper on behalf of Josie Fraser.